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You can contact me via email, LinkedIn, Threads, Bluesky, Mastodon, Research Gate and Twitter (less and less).
My current favourites are LinkedIn and Threads, but I look forward to hearing from you on any of these platforms (and if all else fails, use email).

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Note to sales people: I'm Endava's Chief Engineer, responsible for our client-facing capability, not Endava's CIO who is responsible for our internal IT. I have no interest in direct approaches about IT services and equipment. I'm sure our CIO would be thrilled to receive your irrelevant and poorly targeted cold approach :-)

Note to recruiters: I don't manage or recuit many people myself and nearly all of them are INTERNAL hires. We have a significant recruitment capability ourselves where it matters - in our delivery unit cities. If you send me email, make sure you explain why you can provide something we don't have already. Being clear about why you are a fantastic recruiter in cities where our delivery centres are, like Bogota, Chișinău, Skopje and Rosario would be a good start.

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