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I am Eoin Woods and this is my website. Thank you for visiting. I maintain this page to act as somewhere to publish various pieces of information relating to my work that might be of interest to other people.

I’m a software architect by training and experience and today I’m fortunate to be the CTO at Endava. I’ve worked in a wide variety of technical jobs in the software development field since the early 1990s. These pages tell you who I am, describe the talks I can give, link to books and other pieces of writing that I have been responsible for, and list the public events I have talked at.


New Book
I recently worked as part of fantastic author team to publish the new Software Architecture Metrics book published by O'Reilly. You can find more information about the book on my Books page.

iSAQB Software Architecture Gathering
I'm thrilled to be giving a talk on Continuous Architecture at iSAQB Software Architecture Gathering in November. Look forward to 'seeing' you there.

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