Welcome to eoinwoods.info

Hello, I am Eoin Woods and this is my website. Thank you for visiting. I maintain this page to act as somewhere to publish various pieces of information relating to my work that might be of interest to other people.

I’m a software architect by training and experience and today I’m fortunate to be the Chief Engineer at Endava. I’ve worked in a wide variety of technical jobs in the software development field since the early 1990s. These pages tell you who I am, describe the talks I can give, link to books and other pieces of writing that I have been responsible for, and list the public events I have talked at.


I have added a page to the site listing all of the podcast episodes that I have appeared on over the years.

JAX London 2023
After the pandemic it is good to be back to most events in person, so I was thrilled to have a talk accepted at JAX London in October.

GSAS 2023
Due to the pandemic the Global Software Architecture Summit hasn't taken place since 2019 so it is exciting to be going back and having the privilege of giving a talk at the event. Very much looking forward to being part of this dynamic software architecture community again.

Code Camp Iași 2023
Due to the pandemic and personal reaons I haven't talked at an event in Romania for a long time so I am particularly looking forward to talking at Code Camp Iași 2023 in Iași in Romania in October.

Eoin standing