This page contains links to various resources that I have created over the years which, judging by inbound traffic from search engines, people have found useful.

Blog Posts

These posts are the ones from my old site that people have accessed over the last few years, so I have migrated them to this site.

2017-09-21 Blockchain as an Architectural Element
2015-07-01 Architecting in the Gaps: A Metaphor for Architecture Work
2014-10-01 The Context View for Software Systems
2011-02-11 A Quick Wordpress 404 Redirect Page
2009-12-28 Getting the Hard Drive out of a 2006 iMac

Reference Material

2021-06-01 Continuous Software Architecture. A range of resources for the Continuous Software Architecture approach that Murat Erder and Pierre Pureur pioneered several years ago and I contributed to as a co-author of their second book on the subject. Link
2013-12-27 Visio UML Stencils. Some years ago, Pavel Hruby created an excellent set of Visio stencils for UML (and SysML) and they have been updated over the years as Visio has evolved. Today they remain the best by a long way. Link
2011-06-01 Viewpoints and Perspectives Resources. Templates, summaries, training and reference materials for the "V&P" approach to software architecture that Nick Rozanski and I authored. We created this some time ago, but it is still an approach that people are finding to be useful today. Link
2005-07-01 OCL Reference Sheet. Very dated now but may still be useful to some people. PDF

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